Senior council: working behind scenes to create a memorable end to high school

Newly elected members of the senior class council hope to make this a memorable year for their class.

Senior year is filled with numerous hallmark experiences, from applying to college to planning for prom and graduation. However, none of these events are possible without the senior student council working behind the scenes. I met with elected officers President Krish Poudel, Vice President Jamie Park, Secretary Addy Lepak, Treasurer Myles Powicki, and General Members Lia Cullen and Courtnegail Rose, to discuss their hopes and dreams for ARHS. 

The senior student council has many responsibilities, as a group and individually. The main responsibility the council has is to make senior year as enjoyable as possible. To do this, the class needs to raise as much money as possible so the council has organized school-wide fundraisers, such as homecoming and the cake auction. 

Events like prom and the senior gift, a gift given to the school by the senior class, are some of the highlights of senior year.  “I want my classmates to be able to look back at high school and senior year and have great memories,” Park said. 

Each position on the student council has different responsibilities. Poudel always stays open to suggestions, feedback, and new ideas on how to lead the council. Rose and Cullen communicate with the whole grade and take in their concerns. Powicki keeps an account of class council transactions and organizes the class budget. 

Park focuses on showing the class that the council “cares about everyone, and maintains flexibility towards everyone’s opinions.” Lepak keeps track of logistics in meetings and events. “I take notes in meetings, create meeting agendas, and design flyers for school events,” said Lepak. 

All elected students had great reasons to run for office. Poudel ran for president to practice being a leader. “I wanted to increase leadership skills by becoming more active in our school community,” Poudel said.  

Park also ran for student council to become more active in the school community, while Lepak ran to gain more experience in a position of power. Cullen chose to run for general member since it was the position that fit her best. Powicki and Rose both ran to support the senior class. “I also wanted to be a voice of the less-heard people,” said Rose.  

All were excited when the election results were announced over the loudspeaker, declaring who was elected to each position. “It was a surreal moment,” Powicki said. 

Being on the student council takes significant effort, but it also provides great rewards. Powicki values the constructive criticism that he receives, and Rose enjoys giving a voice to his peers. Park and Poudel enjoy seeing the outcomes of their efforts, such as seeing students laugh and having fun at council-organized events. 

Lepak loves being in a leadership position and creating flyers for events. Cullen enjoys the opportunities the council offers her. 

“Being on the student council gives me a voice, and allows other people’s opinions to be heard,” Cullen said.