Kathryn Carvel

Staff Writers and Photographers

Kathryn Amaya, Rafael Ash, Mark Benedetto, Isa Castro McCauley, Tori-Anne Clausen, Sylvie Cove, Griffin Connor, Loic Doin, Evan Dooley, Kai Fortier, Gabi Mahony, Colin McNeill, Renee O’Brien, Ava Polak, Isabel Polak, Madalyn Remensnyder, Brisett Rivera, Simone Robinson, Sunny Ryu, Oren Schmerling, Brynn Sullivan, Henry Webster

Sara Barber-Just’s Journalism class, plus a few student freelancers

Faculty Advisor

Sara Barber-Just


The Graphic is the student newspaper of Amherst Regional High School. Most articles printed in The Graphic are written by students in Journalistic Writing classes. An after-school staff is responsible for the paper’s layout, editorial policy, content decisions, and finances. The Graphic is a forum for free speech and dissenting opinions. Letters to the editor are encouraged. Letters must be signed and do not necessarily represent the views of The Graphic or Amherst Regional High School. The Graphic reserves the right to edit letters for length. Editorials represent the opinions of the writer and not those of the school.


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