Will Chapman here to ‘help children accomplish their goals’

Will Chapman is a new paraeducator on hand to assist the Dean of Students and hall monitors at ARHS.

William Chapman, also known as Mr. Will, is a new paraeducator hired at ARHS to work in tandem with the Dean of Students, Mary Custard—and hall monitors—to heighten safety in the halls, classrooms, lunch room, and bathrooms and help students succeed.

“I don’t teach a subject here, but I work with the student body and support the teachers when it comes to [keeping students in class],” he said. “I enjoy helping children accomplish their goals.” 

He said he loves ARHS, and the staff and kids are “really sweet and very respectful. They all have very bright futures, so I want to help them.” 

Chapman hails from Springfield, Mass, where he grew up. He attended Putnam High School and went to Holyoke Community College. “What got me into education was coaching sports,” he said. “I was always working with peers. I had a passion for working with people.” 

A typical day for Chapman involves greeting staff and students and making sure students get to class and stay in class throughout the day. When not at ARHS, he coaches wrestling and teaches karate at his business, Chapman’s Martial Arts.

Chapman also owns his own company providing security to bars, clubs, and occasionally celebrities, most recently Styles P. 

His interest in cars has inspired him to “create a limousine service.”

“I already own a few,” said Chapman, so he has a head start.

When not working, Chapman has many hobbies, including gardening. ”A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I garden,” said Chapman. 

He said he would love to move to the Amherst area, where he could own more land, making it possible to provide “farmland for my dogs, and [more space] to garden.” 

One thing that is important to Chapman is family. “That’s our legacy,” said Chapman. He said he aims to make good decisions so that he is “setting a good example” for his family. 

Chapman also brings that positive mindset to ARHS. While he said that “some students get thrown off by my cop or sargent vibe,” Chapman added, “I’m not as mean as I look. I’m a comedian. I like to tell jokes and giggle.”