Film Club: translating ‘creative vision’ to the screen

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    Members of the Film Club at their Amherst Cinema film premiere in June.
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    Film Club on stage at Amherst Media after their premiere.

Seniors Callum McDonald, Jackson Eisenhauer, and Zach Mitrowski, and junior Jackson Barber-Just co-lead ARHS’s Film Club, which contains more than a dozen members and operates on a flexible schedule. 

Film Club is a “space for people that love making movies and movies in general,” McDonald said. Last year, the club showed their final film “Fortune Favors The Guilty,” at Amherst Cinema, and this year they’re creating a series of independent short films with the aim of doing the same. 

Film Club is great “for anyone with a desire to see their creative visions translated to the screen,” McDonald said. “It’s very student-driven.” The club contains writers, directors, cinematographers, sound people, editors, and music producers. 

It’s not too late to join. “If someone wanted to give it a try they would feel welcome,” said McDonald.  “We are actively making movies and always looking for an extra hand on set or for reviews or edits.”

This summer’s premiere of “Fortune Favors the Guilty” at Amherst Cinema for the cast members, their friends, and family was a highlight for members of “Hurricane Productions.”

“What made the screening so special was everyone’s friends and family seeing it,” said Barber-Just. 

“Seeing [our work] on the big screen and getting everyone to work together for this amazing final product,” was powerful, McDonald said. It was ours and we can claim it as our achievement.”

This year the club hopes to have the first showing of its shorter films in January and again at the end of the school year. They’d love to screen a film in the school auditorium, “since it would increase the number of students who can see it,” McDonald said. 

Members of Film Club are especially passionate about what they create. “Film’s an art form,” Barber-Just said. 

“You are painting with the camera whenever you create,” McDonald added. “You tap into the lights, angles, and acting, which is why films connect with the human spirit.” 

The club meets in various locations from their advisor Chris Herland’s room to Amherst Media. If you’re interested in joining Film Club or want to learn more, email Zachary Mitrowski at, who adds students to the Google Classroom where he announces meeting times and locations. 

Students can also keep an eye out for advertisements around the school to participate in short films or attend showings.