Home health aide says clients are like family

Cheryl Demas travels around to care for people in their homes.

Cheryl Demas is a home health aide, which means she travels around to help out people in their home. On any given day she might do anything from running errands to helping a client with everyday tasks like cleaning and personal care. When Demas is not taking care of clients she spends her time helping her family/friend and taking care of her pets. 

RO: Who are you? What are your best or worst qualities?

CD: My best qualities are that I am usually patient and I love the people I work with. My worst quality is that I do not like to get up in the morning and sometimes I swear.

RO: What is a typical day like for you now?

CD: A typical day for me is getting up taking care of my dogs and cats and rabbits. Then I take care of my mother, then I go to work. Sometimes it’s one client, sometimes I have to travel to somebody else in Connecticut. 

RO: How did your job or life change in the pandemic? List as many specifics or tell as many stories as you wish.

CD: There is no going back to normal for me. Taking care of people during the pandemic or not during the pandemic is what I do. It’s pretty much the same no matter what.

RO: How have you grown or changed during this time?

CD: I don’t think I have grown any and I don’t think I have changed any as I am a healthcare provider. We take care of people no matter what.

RO: What do you love about your job/life? What are you grateful for?

CD: I am grateful for having many friends and family still around me that I love dearly. I am thankful I can go to work and still do what I have done all my life, take care of people. I have clients that are like family to me. I am very fortunate to work for wonderful people.

RO: What are your hobbies/what do you do in your free time?

CD: My hobbies are basically my animals and my friends who have animals.

RO: What are some things or who are some people who helped you get through this time?

CD: My close friends and family, the people I speak to every day even if I don’t see them. They’re the ones who keep me sane. 

RO: Has your mental or physical health improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse during the pandemic? How so?

CD: My mental health has remained the same through the pandemic. Sometimes I get sad and I worry about people getting sick but then I have to take care of the people that I love, so I don’t have time for that most of the time. 

RO: What are some other things you’d like to share about your life during this time?CD: Something I would like to share is that I think if most people had a very good support group they would feel much better. Even if they only talk to them or only see them once in a while. You have to talk to like-minded people to continue to feel like you are in the loop. I’m 58 years old. I’ve lived through a lot of stuff. The pandemic is just a small glitch on the road of life.