Pharmaceutical company employee adjusts her priorities

Territory Business Manager for the pharmaceutical company Alkermes 'loves helping people' and finds it 'very satisfying' knowing the medications she gives people helps them.

The pandemic has hit many people very hard, with many complications arising in most everyone’s jobs and social lives. But just as it had differing effects on everyone, people’s opinions differ a lot as well.

I spoke with Jane McNeill, my mom and also a Territory Business Manager for the pharmaceutical company Alkermes, about her experience with the pandemic in her workplace. When asked her strengths, she noted, “I am a mom, a wife, and a business person. I am a good listener, and I’m organized and strategic.”

Territory Business Managers oversee multiple sales teams in a certain territory. “I educate providers on new medications in psychiatry,” she said. “I love helping people, and it is very satisfying knowing that our medications can help patients feel more like themselves.”

McNeill claimed that before the pandemic she was traveling everywhere to meet with a lot of people, but things changed a lot afterwards. “Instead of being on the road every day, I am in my office at home having virtual meetings,” she said. She also stated that not having a normal routine was one of the reasons that it was a big challenge for her. 

But, McNeill experienced a little bit of good due to the pandemic. “I love the fact that my immediate family was stuck at home with me. And if I were to keep anything it would be to keep having our teenagers home and spending time with us,” she said. 

She also added, “I’m more patient! The pandemic helped me adjust priorities in life.”