Field hockey team has deep bonds, growth mindset

the ARHS girls' field hockey team

Despite a tough fall season, the ARHS girls’ field hockey team worked hard both on and off the field to create a strong community. Their team was smaller this year, leading to some challenges, but the team felt resilient and said they played well against other more competitive schools. The team finished their season with 12 losses, four wins, and one tie. 

There were five seniors on varsity this year: Alexandra Katsoulakis, Mira Setty-Charity, Gabi Mahony, Sophie Sweeting, and Caitlin MacDougall. 

Team bonding is one of the most important parts of the ARHS field hockey team. Senior Sweeting described her favorite moments, including trips to GoBerry and a mini-golfing tournament. “It’s such a welcoming community and we really have a lot of fun,” Sweeting said. 

She joined the Amherst field hockey team in seventh grade and has been on varsity since her sophomore year. “It’s fun to whack a ball around,” Sweeting said. “Everyone should join.” 

Another activity that the field hockey team enjoys is themed spirit days at school before a game. These themes have included pajama day, hippie day, frat boy day, and others. 

The team had just under 20 players, so the varsity and JV teams practiced together with the same coach, and some players played in both varsity and JV games. 

“Getting more team members would be pretty important. It’s a really strong team environment; the more people we’re able to get on the team, [the more] we’ll be able to improve,” said sophomore Sophie Lindsey, who has been playing on the team since eighth grade. 

Sweeting loved the team’s positive attitude, noting that “players always worked hard, learned from their mistakes, and had “a growth mindset.’” 

Setty-Charity, who has been on varsity since her freshman year, emphasized how impressed she was by younger players. Freshman Zoey Candito “really puts her heart out,” Setty-Charity said. “She has a lot of commitment to the team.”

Lindsey described junior Maria Konieczny as “a powerhouse” and said the whole group was “lovely to be a part of.” 

In their last postseason varsity game, the ARHS field hockey team won against Athol High School with a score of 3-2, which was exciting.

One of the most intense games of the season was the ARHS Senior Night, which was a home game against Holyoke High School. Amherst lost 1-0, but the game was incredibly close.

It was “good to see how well we could play when we had a lot of people there cheering for us and supporting us,” Setty-Charity said.