Quarantine Diaries

Cenai Collins, suited up in his Hurricanes football uniform.Photo: Gabrielle E Photography

Ever since the world was hit with the pandemic known as COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, followed by a worldwide quarantine, I’ve still managed to be pretty busy.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve picked music production back up and have made me at least 30 beats since this quarantine started. I’ve done a little bit of painting; I’ve watched a ton of movies, I started watching a new show on Netflix (The Good Place) and I binge-watched Raising Dion which I highly recommend. (It’s like the kids version of Stranger Things).

I’ve also started to workout again, pretty much doing the same 12 exercises each day.

I’ve also started babysitting in the afternoons from 12-5 p.m. for the last three weeks. It’s a pretty good time. I pick up the child from his house right at 12, we usually get food, and then I bring him back to my house. I think it will last until the quarantine is over so it sounds like at least another month of babysitting for me. 

When it comes to the school work that we’re doing, I’m not really overwhelmed by it. If anything, if I’m being honest, it feels a lot easier because I feel like I’m way more organized since everything is just on the computer. I like how all of my teachers have adjusted well to this and how they have set schedules for due dates, classroom meets, and new assignments. Each one of my teachers I think has done a really good job of staying organized during this hectic time. 

I also finally decided where I’m going to college next year. Anybody who’s close to me knows how long of a process this was for me to figure out.  It took a lot of thought and a lot of help from my friends, family and teachers, but I ultimately decided to commit to American International College to play football and study communications. 

The support that I received after I announced my decision was amazing and it meant a lot to me. They even wrote an article about it in The Daily Hampshire Gazette. 

Something I’m more than mourning is the loss of the graduation ceremony, because it’s such a big milestone and it’s something that my classmates and I have been working towards for so many years. I’m also mourning the loss of the NBA playoffs and the NCAA Basketball tournament. 

I think right now the thing that I miss the most is kind of just being at school and just seeing all of my friends everyday at school. It’s weird not seeing them like I usually do. 

Overall, I’m enjoying my time during this while staying safe and healthy, but I’m also anticipating the return to normal life. Hopefully I will get to have at least a little bit of a fun summer before training camp for my first year of college football starts.