Quarantine Diaries

The author, an anonymous senior, has really struggled with how life has changed during COVID-19.

Being locked in a house is sad.

Not being able to see friends or explore the world. Only seeing spring bloom through the window.

My life during the pandemic has been overwhelming, because of social distancing and living in a state that has among the highest percentage of COVID-19 deaths. 

The social distancing has driven me to the edge of insanity. I cannot see my friends or go to others’ houses. Everything has shut down–such as the nail salon, restaurants, and movie theaters.

Going to the salon was a way to give myself time to focus on me.  Going to the movies was a way to spend time with family. Also, not being to have one-on-one sessions with my therapist has been challenging. I can no longer express how I’m feeling with confidence.

Next, having to wear masks everywhere we go feels crazy.

Before, the masks felt a bit dramatic. Now, grocery shopping is like going to a haunted house, but one where people are “tripping” because there is no more toilet paper, and everyone is trying to stock up their home.

People are scared to be within six feet of each other.

Also, my mother tested positive for the virus. Since then, I haven’t been with her. I only see her when I drop off meals or groceries at her door.  I can’t hug her, and I only talk to her through the glass door. It feels like hell not being able to help my mom.

I’m scared to go anywhere because I’m afraid of catching the virus. And I know and care for a lot of elderly people.

Living during this pandemic has been awful. I know there will be a “better day”; it still feels too far away.