Quarantine Diaries

Senior Leah Wilson can see some silver linings to the pandemic.

My initial reaction to finding out about the coronavirus outbreak was utter shock and disbelief. 

I remember the moment I knew this pandemic was a serious issue. It was during math class; Ms. Sulikowski started showing us graphs depicting the curve of the disease and told us how many people were dying. 

She showed us how the curve would continue if we didn’t start taking precautions. 

I remember a week before my last day of high school at ARHS thinking this virus was a joke. I even made a silly TikTok video about how this was disrupting my summer plans and graduation trip to Hawaii, not knowing how serious it actually was. 

Now that it has been over six weeks since the pandemic rocked Massachusetts, I have gotten a lot closer to my family. We go on walks, bike rides, play board games, and watch lots of movies. 

I have also had more time to relax and do nothing, which has helped me mentally. During the school year, I’m busy going to school and working at Big Y a few times a week. 

Having a break from life has been a blessing in disguise. Even though I have dearly missed my friends and my normal routine, I’ve had more time to take care of myself and do things I love. 

I have made lots of silly TikTok videos and actually had two of my videos go viral, accumulating 500,000 views and 200,000 views. And one of the most famous TikTok-ers named Addison Rae commented “omg,” which was super exciting! 

I’ve also had more time to paint and draw because I have a passion for art and creating things. 

Some end of year rituals that I am sadly missing out on as a senior are my last softball season ever and senior night. I have looked forward to both of these things since the seventh grade when I first started playing. 

I play wiffle ball with my family in the back yard and throw with my brother sometimes to help with missing out on my softball season and to continue developing my skills. 

Along with every other senior I am obviously missing out on a graduation and prom which has been really hard to accept. It is so crazy that when I am older I will never be able to tell my kids about my senior spring and all of the memories. 

Weather does shape the way that my days are because when it’s rainy and cloudy out I don’t feel like being productive and want to stay inside all day. But when it’s warm and sunny outside I feel so much happier and I can accomplish a lot! 

What I miss most about my life before is my community and being able to see my friends everyday, going out to eat, and having freedom. It’s also been scary going to the store or doing things out in public because of the pandemic. 

One good thing this pandemic has brought is awareness to be more cautious about cleanliness and germs. It has also has helped global warming and reducing emissions put out into the air. 

I also have a greater appreciation for my health and safety. And I know things will get better.  We will all come back stronger and ready to build a new and brighter future.