Quarantine Diaries

Junior Justin Masteralexis, at home during COVID-19 school closure.

For the past six weeks everyone in the entire world has been faced with the same challenge. This hiatus from normal life has certainly been a curveball for me, my family, and everyone I know. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost loved ones and friends to this virus.

When I found out we were not going to have school and eventually the rest of the year it was hard to wrap my head around. No school and no baseball. That was shocking.

I still, to this day, wake up ready to go to school and practice and to see my friends.

These last six weeks at home have been full of ups and downs but they have mostly given me time to appreciate my family, and I realize how much I missed my brother while he was away at college. I feel so bad for the class of 2020 and especially my friends and teammates who never got one last season or show to put on. I was so looking forward to going out with a bang this baseball season and I wanted so badly to give my friends a Western Mass. trophy they all so deserve.

I spend my time during the day preparing. Not for any type of apocalypse or anything of the sorts; I mean preparing for my future.

I workout almost everyday and I have been going to Community Field at Amherst High to hit and throw and just stay in the best shape possible for when baseball starts back up again and the division one schools that like me come to see me be the best I can be.

The main thing that makes this “corona-cation” worse is the weather. Up until now, there has been one sunny day per four, crappy rainy, overcast or chilly days. That is just unfair. Once I can go outside everyday and have fun with my family in our yard this will all be much more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong; being inside the comfort of my own home is great. But let’s be honest; nature is just better when spent basking in the warm sun.   

I miss everything about my life before COVID-19. I miss my friends, my grandparents (who I never get to see), and sports. I miss sports so much. They are seriously the number one source of purpose and sanity in my life.

I do have to say I love how much I can sleep now. No more six to seven hours of sleep a night. I honestly average 10-12 hours of sleep a night and it has made me so much more confident in myself, my body, and my health. I have a better attitude and feel like a better person overall.

However, the coronavirus has been a bump in the road around my college agenda. This spring (my junior year),  I was getting my grades where they needed to be and I was really in a great place for baseball, getting ready to commit to a Division One school. 

Meanwhile, my mom has been wiping down the house with clorox wipes, so much so that the house smells like them. My dad is so scared of getting sick, but that doesn’t stop him from his fatherly duties like when he goes out to get food at the supermarket for the next couple of weeks. 

Despite these fears, everyone also seems closer. I have spent more time with my brother and sister than ever before, and I feel more connected to the rest of my family, too. I think that was something that I took for granted. 

That human connection has changed my home. We eat every dinner now as a family and we haven’t done that in years, because everyone was always busy. It is the best part of my day. I love sitting down with them and talking over the great food we make. 

Even though we don’t really ask “what did everyone did today” (since we all know!), we still find ways to make interesting conversations and to connect deeply with the people we love the most.