Video gaming senior speaks her quarantine truth

Senior Chang Jin, lover of video games and long walks.

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, millions of teenagers are stuck at home.

Like many of my peers in quarantine, I have spent a large percentage of my time playing video games. There’s not much else to do, and I’ve found that technology can connect me with friends.

Apparently, I’m not alone.

According to Verizon, one week into quarantine, video streaming had increased by twelve percent, web traffic by twenty percent, and video gaming in general by seventy-five percent.

The general population also saw an increase in entertainment stocks, which is interesting, given most stocks are decreasing.

Albert Artruc, a high school senior who has enjoyed video gaming his whole life, noted the increase in the number of those gaming. “Honestly, I have seen many more people playing in the past few weeks–more than I have ever seen,” he said.

Gaming companies took this as an opportunity to release new games and products.

Riot Games, known for its invention of the popular game, League of Legends, has released early access to its now beta game, Valorant.

In the first three days of its release, it gathered millions of viewers on Twitch, a popular streaming platform. Ranking first on day one of its release with 1.73 million viewers. 

Valorant is a first-person shooter with an objective-based focus that revolves around planting and defusing bombs. Players are split between attackers and defenders, protecting or assaulting bomb spots, and while their shooting skill is key to success, they are also able to use different character abilities.

While many are happy to see entertainment’s rise, others worry this situation will accelerate our society towards more developed AI technology.

But I’m not too concerned.

We are all just participating in entertainment, not the development of the AI industry. In fact, I’d guess that the AI industry will be held back by the pandemic and will lose employees to the gaming industry.

Who knows? Only time will tell.