Science Olympiad: studying, laughing, and dusting the competition

The Science Olympiad Team came back from a year off and hopped right back into the swing of things, placing tenth at states. This team relies not on physical ability but instead on members’ willingness to understand the science that boggles the minds of many of their peers.

The team is led by ARHS students Seo-Ho Lee, Anu Sitaraman, Chang Jin, and Sammy Conrad Rooney.  

They keep track of competition logistics, fundraising, planning meetings, and making sure every student understands their event in the competition. 

Being in this club is no walk in the park; members work very hard. Lee said that they are trying to “improve events we are not as good at, make sure everyone has a great time, give people an opportunity to pursue something the school doesn’t teach, encourage and motivate students to reach their full potential, and do well at States.”

Paraeducator Rudi Scherff is one of the adult advisors. “Our club is important because it gives students who enjoy science a place to compete and show off their skills, similar to a sport,” he said. “It [provides] a home with similar students to feel part of a community.”

The Science Olympiad is all about the idea that science is not just hard work, it’s fun. “We encourage studying and building during club times, but we always have snacks and are just total fools, too, so everyone’s pretty lighthearted and ready to have fun,” said Lee.