Bringing love to the AAC

Chantelle, a happy face at ARHS.Photo: Sophie Schreyer

Chantelle Brigham-McMillan, new to ARHS last year, is an always-friendly face in the Academic Achievement Center. 

Brigham-McMillan, who lives in Northfield and drives an hour to work every day, is an Americorps/Dial Self employee who arrived to this position through a grant completed by the AAC at ARHS. 

Her job is to tutor students and coordinate volunteer tutors in the space.

She describes the main parts of her job being to “tutor students, recruit tutors and volunteers for the AAC, and to complete paperwork for the government.”

Brigham-McMillan received her bachelor of arts in psychology and education, and a minor in English from Mount Holyoke College in 2018.

In the past, she tutored students in Astronomy at Holyoke Community College. 

She has also taught a pre-K class at the Gorse Children’s Center, and she tutored young students in Spanish as a part of her own high school Spanish class.

She likes the diversity at ARHS both in staff and in students, saying “it’s something my high school never had.” She also likes that the staff are very inclusive and she feels “respected by her peers and even looked up to by some of the new staff.”

In her free time, Brigham-McMillan enjoys reading, live action role playing or larping, and studying witchcraft.

After she finishes her year of work at ARHS she wants to get a masters in naturopathic and ayurvedic medicine. In fact, when she was a child, her dream was to “cure cancer with plants and potions.”

Her goals in the AAC are to help students feel confident in learning and improve their ability to work comfortably on their own. 

Brigham-McMillan believes that “everyone has different kinds of intelligence” that need to be nurtured.

Some of her values include being understanding and tolerant, and also self-loving. “You can  love yourself as much as you love others,” she said.

When not relaxing at home with her small dog, Maya, Brigham-McMillan said she dreams of travelling “the whole world.”