Welcome, Blanca Zelaya

Blanca Zelaya works with math, special education, and science departments.

Blanca Zelaya is a new math, special education, and science co-teacher at ARHS who came aboard at the beginning of this academic year.

Before arriving at ARHS, Ms. Zelaya worked for 20 years at ARMS, and she taught for nine years on the other side of the country in a residential facility treatment for girls ages 12-18.

“I taught math, physical education, and computers in Southern California,” said Ms. Zelaya.

The best part of her job is interacting with students.

“I love the kids,” said Ms. Zelaya. She acknowledged that when there is a big class, it can be hard for all the students to get to know one another.   

Ms. Zelaya tries to keep math entertaining and interesting, hoping to lure in those who don’t like the subject.  

Ms. Zelaya focused on psychology, religion, and education during her collegiate studies.

She did her undergraduate years at Santa Clara University and her graduate work at Boston College.

“Growing up, I always liked school, but I didn’t exactly know what I would do after college,” Ms. Zelaya said.

In college, she had the experience of working with kids in a few school settings.

“I loved working with the students and seeing them get excited about learning new things. I was hooked,” she said.

When asked about her dream vacations, she showed a clear and serious love of the beach.

“I love going to the beach in the summer. My favorite beaches are in the Caribbean,” she said. “I’ve [also] visited beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica;  they are the best beaches in the world.”

In terms of hobbies, Ms. Zelaya enjoys woodworking.

“When I have more time, I work on home improvements or building wood furniture or cabinets. I love the process and I enjoy seeing the final products,” she said.