Feminism alive at ARHS

Taylor Masteralexis and Charlotte Staudenmayer discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.Photo: gazettenet.com

“We are feminists! We are working to create equal rights for women and men. That does not mean we think women are better,” said Maya Sessions, co-leader of the ARHS Women’s Rights Club, referring to a common misunderstanding about the definition of feminism.

The Women’s Rights Club hopes to affect the school positively by “creating awareness about issues women face on a local, national, and global scale,” said sophomore member Charlotte Staudenmayer. “[We also hope to] inspire people to become more engaged in these things and actively create change.”

Staudenmayer said, “it can be very easy to become somewhat detached from politics and the news” and this club is working hard to avoid that impulse and instead, to engage the school community.

The Women’s Rights Club is open to all.

“I want this club to be an inclusive space, both in terms of who attends and the issues we discuss,” said Staudenmayer, who loves covering topics that are relatable to ARHS students.

“We will also work on some bigger projects surrounding current events this year, similar to our Me Too exhibit last year,” she said.

To fully represent the school, the club hopes to “continue to grow and reflect the diversity of the high school, based on age, gender, race, and nationality,” said club advisor Danielle Seltzer.

The club’s agenda varies from meeting to meeting, said Staudenmayer. “Recently, we had a meeting about the sexual assault allegations against [Supreme Court nominee] Brett Kavanaugh,” she said.

In that meeting, the club leaders made a powerpoint to show during the discussion, so that all could participate and grow in their understanding of the issue.

Next on the agenda for the Women’s Rights Club will be their annual pad and tampon drive for the Survival Center.

“We will be preparing posters and talking about access to proper sanitary products,” said Staudenmayer.

The club is hoping to gain more members and is very flexible when it comes to commitments.

“It’s definitely possible to come to a few meetings without making a huge commitment and still contribute a lot,” said Staudenmayer.

”Anyone is welcome anytime, regardless of gender or knowledge about women’s rights.” The Women’s Rights Club meets every Monday in room 166.