Francophone dinner turns cafeteria into ‘museum gallery’ of art, food, culture

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On December 7, the ARHS French Club hosted their third Francophone Dinner which “showcased Francophone culture and helped students to experience something different than just sitting in a classroom and learning from textbooks,” according to French teacher Oumy Cisse, the main organizer of the event.

“Students sold tickets, made the menu, and collaborated with the Culinary Arts students and their teacher David Jean. They also did research projects on the food and on other aspects of Francophone culture,” she added.

Tickets were 10 dollars for adults and five for students.

The ARHS cafeteria was overflowing with students, family, and friends coming to take part in the evening event.

“The students turned the cafeteria into a museum gallery of French art, food and culture,” remarked Principal Mark Jackson.

Francophone-themed foods delighted all; there was everything from crepe-making to a chocolate fountain.

“The French club had a great experience working on the project,” said Jamie Simonson, president of the club. “[The dinner was] not only for the sake of fundraising for our trip to Canada but also to explore Francophone culture as a community.”

The students put forth a great effort decorating the cafeteria, making the food, and creating the research displays.