Bathroom pass system burdens the bladder

Imagine this: one person really needs to go to the bathroom, so they take the pass and are gone for 15 minutes.

While that person is gone, the amount of time that you have held in your pee amounts to three periods, because your previous teachers wouldn’t let you go.

Once the first kid gets back, another student who sits next to the pass jumps up and takes it.

Now you, bursting bladder and all, get annoyed and stop paying attention to class because you are too focused on getting the pass next.

This exact situation happens too often and it’s not always the students’ fault.

Bathroom passes have been around for longer than you and me, so is there a chance that the system is a bit out-dated?Absolutely.

Matters have gotten ridiculous.

First of all, the idea of bathroom passes makes no sense.

Why should only one person be allowed to leave at a time?

Teachers should trust their students to go to the bathroom and return in a reasonable amount of time.

They have given up their faith in the entire student population in regards to the bathroom pass system, all because of a few rebellious kids who decide to leave whenever they please.

Sanitation is a big problem as well.

Passes can be dropped on the floor multiple times in a trip to the bathroom.

Imagine how many people take the pass throughout a school day; you don’t need to do the math to know that the amount of times that the pass hits the bathroom floor is unsanitary.

In order to solve an issue like this, the administration needs to gather a group of students and teachers from various grades, races, and classes and ask their opinions on how the bathroom system could be improved.

It’s important to get opinions from a variety of people because they will produce different answers.

Once they gather responses, they should consider the best ideas and vote on the most reasonable.