Debit card ups and downs

Two students returned to the locker room after PE to find that their wallets had been stolen. The first student had $60 of cash in his wallet and the other one just had a debit card.

The first student lost all of the money that he had, but the second one simply lost a piece of plastic, and all of his money was being safely stored away.

This fictitious story illustrates just one of the many reasons that high school students choose to own debit cards.

Having a debit card is often thought of as something that only adults do, but there are many students at ARHS who have their own debit cards. For high school students, owning a debt card comes with many advantages but there are also many downsides.

There are many different reasons that a high schooler would have a debit card. ARHS senior Cole Elson got his first debit card because his mother wanted him to learn how to properly handle his money.

Another senior, Aidan Hayes, got his first debit card because he got his first job and needed to keep all of his money safely in the bank.

The disadvantages to owning a debit card can be made clear very early on.  Elson noticed that he began to spend more money after getting his debit card.

“You don’t notice how much you’re spending when you don’t have the cash in your hand,” he said.

It is very easy for students to lose track of how much they spend when they do not have the money readily available for them to count.

Hayes stated that he spends more money now that he has a debit card because no matter where he is he always has his card and he always has money that he can spend.

The problem of spending more money without noticing is one that is easily fixed. To avoid this problem, Elson regularly checks his bank account.

He checks it every Thursday when he is paid and at least three other times during the week. “You just gotta be sure you have enough money,” he said.

Although the disadvantages of a debit card are quickly made clear, the advantages are as well.

Not always carrying hundreds of dollars of cash everywhere is one of the best perks about having your own debit card.

Not having to worry about being robbed and losing all of your money is a major reason that students choose to own debit cards.

Hayes said that he feels much better about having all of his money in the bank because he is assured it won’t get stolen.

Elson stated that he feels much safer, because if he were to be robbed, he could easily go to the bank and cancel his card and not lose any money at all.

Being in high school and owning a debit card comes with upsides and downsides, but it is something that many students choose to do to help benefit their complicated lives.

These students have proven that it is not only adults who wish to keep their money in the bank and use a debit card, but teenagers as well.