Drunken, non-Irish students celebrate Irish heritage at annual Blarney Blowout

On Saturday, March 5th UMass threw its annual Blarney Blowout. The Blarney Blowout is a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration where UMass students in the area drink throughout the day.

Jessica Fox, a senior at UMass has participated in Blarney Blowout for all four years. Fox was wearing a bright green tank top that read “Kiss me, I’m Irish.” When asked what she loves about being Irish, she slurred, “No I’m not Irish, I just like to get wasted. GO MINUTEMEN!”

Brianna Hernandez, a freshman at UMass butted into the conversation and slurred, “I’m totally Irish. I eat Lucky Charms every morning and I even dyed my hair red.”

In past years, Blarney Blowout has been chaotic and dangerous but more recently, UMass has kept the drunk students under control. With only 7 arrests, you could say this year’s “blowout” blew over.

Seventeen police departments from surrounding communities helped the UMass campus police and the Amherst police to keep the students safe.

Dwight Reed, a junior at UMass, was taken aback when asked why he participates in Blarney. “Well, I’ve watched Lord of the Dance probably 15 times, so I definitely identify myself as Irish. I didn’t grow up Irish and I don’t really believe in, like, the Irish god or anything, but, like, I’m proud to identify as Irish.”  

The students that take part in the annual celebration wear green to show their support for Irish heritage. Though it is a day to celebrate Irish heritage, there weren’t many real Irish people participating. Where were all the Irish?

Scotty Mcflurrin, a sophomore at UMass Amherst said, “Where was I Saturday? Sitting in my dorm binge-watching Brooklyn and eating my favorite potatoes.”

Conor Flaherty, a senior at UMass Amherst has been sober his whole life. His family isn’t into drinking either. “I don’t believe in drinking to be honest. I think it’s dumb and totally a stereotype of my culture. I don’t appreciate the attention that Blarney brings to the students who actually identify as Irish,” Flaherty said. He is planning a trip to Ireland next month to kiss the Blarney Stone.