Customers upset with Chipotle’s efforts to restore public image

Chipotle enthusiasts are unhappy with their beloved restaurant’s new initiative to regain the public’s trust in their food after a widespread E. coli outbreak.

According to a December 21 announcement from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 58 people across 12 states had been diagnosed with E. coli poisoning. “It was the best news I had ever heard. Every time I heard about a new case of E. coli my friends and I screamed with joy,” recalled burrito enthusiast James Flowsa.

Loyal customers relished the small lines at the restaurants as they no longer had to order in their order ahead of time to avoid the long wait times during peak hours. “I hadn’t been able to eat my burrito while sitting down in years. It was a dream come true,” said Mike Gorman, who prefers the burrito bowl over the traditional burrito.

The surreal experience soon ended for customers such as Gorman and Flowsa, however, as the fast-casual chain opted to introduce a free burrito promotion in order to entice untrusting customers to return to their restaurants.

“2/16 was a devastating time for us,” said Gorman, referring to the month when he and his friends arrived at their favorite Chipotle location only to find swarms of customers enjoying their free burritos. “It’s just isn’t fair, I don’t understand how Chipotle could have betrayed us like that,” said Flowsa.

Flowsa has returned back to the drawing board in search of a new way to discourage fellow Chipotle customers from feeling safe eating at the restaurants. Don’t be surprised if a new case of E. coli is reported soon. I’ve always wanted to become a martyr for my burrito brethren,” warned Flowsa.