Quarantine Diaries

Senior Tabor Bowman tried out a lot of hobbies, routines, and distractions during school closure.

Going into quarantine was quite the surprise for me.  I missed the last week of school before March 13, so I was very out of the loop when it came to even discussing COVID-19.

At first it seemed like quarantine was a blessing in disguise, but I was sorely mistaken. Very quickly I realized two things: I tend to miss my friends a lot more than I thought, and spending time with family for days on end can be irritating.

Luckily, my mom encouraged me to go on bike rides and to do things like go hiking in the woods behind our house, so I had a couple of different ways to occupy myself.

But about two weeks into quarantine I started getting bored of hikes and bike rides, which led me to having to find new things to do. Sadly enough I remembered I got a new phone, so my thought process was: why not download Tik Tok? 

This actually turned out to be fairly helpful. I ended up making a Tik Tok that has more than 50 thousand likes and when I get very bored, it’s a good way to pass time on a long day. Yet again, I quickly got bored of that distraction, too.

So I turned to working out every single day. I would wake up, eat some healthy food, have a protein shake, then I would go upstairs and pull out my yoga mat. After an hour of yoga, I felt nice and loose, so I would start my workout: 50 push-ups, sit ups, and squats every day. That lasted about a week before I was sick of that.

After school work started becoming mandatory, I felt an emotional shift from boredom all the time to straight stress. Heavy amounts of stress always lead to me being depressed, which caused me to sleep all day, stop eating as much, and start displaying symptoms of being extremely sick. I ended up being kept upstairs by my family for fears of me getting them sick, and for four straight days I had food delivered outside my bedroom door.  

Nobody came into my room and all I had was school work, Netflix, and my video games. Eventually, after I started feeling better, I was allowed to be around the rest of the family again, and I spent time with them again. I realized how boring it is being alone for many days straight.

Well yet again I was thrust into boredom, and only having schoolwork to do, so to avoid schoolwork I started skateboarding again.

I hadn’t done it in about a year so it was weird getting back on the board after so long. I realized almost immediately that I did not know how to do any of the tricks I used to be able to do, so naturally I practiced for hours upon hours and for many many days.

Finally after about a solid week of practice and maybe 10 plus hours of trying I started landing the tricks I used to be able to do and I was starting to get back into the groove of things and feeling more happy about myself, but then I remembered all the school work I still had to do and got stressed again. 

I still ended up skating every chance I could, rather than doing my schoolwork, and now with only about 20 days left until I’m done with high school, it’s kind of scary to think about leaving high school and moving on to bigger things.

All I can think about is how the whole second semester was thrown out the window, and I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with myself next fall.