Susie Zygmont: mark her absent next year

“If there’s a hard way to do something, I’ll do it,” joked Susie Zygmont, secretary in the Deans’ office, who is in charge of ARHS’s daily attendance.

Ms. Zygmont is retiring at the end of this school year.

“I have loved my time working here,” she said.

Ms. Zygmont grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts and graduated from Northampton High School.

In her free time, she said she loved to go horseback riding and she competed in various competitions, performing very well.

Right after she graduated, she moved to Hadley.

Her most recent professional job has been managing all of the attendance information at ARHS and being the face one sees upon entering the Deans’ office.

She started working at ARHS in 2016.

“I enjoy interacting with students and coworkers,” she said. She particularly appreciates her “quiet office setting.”

“It’s really inviting, comfortable, and relaxing,” she said, a nice environment to spend her working hours.

“I like the people I work with, and I like the work,” explained Ms. Zygmont, who described herself as someone who pays attention to detail, is task-oriented, and loves being busy.

“When you’re working with attendance, everything is detailed and I like that,” she noted.

Some challenges she noted, have been dealing with both students and parents who don’t know how the attendance policy works or applies to them.

“There’s a manual, the student handbook, which you can access online,” she said. “But the majority of the students have not gone through it.”

Now that she is retiring, she has many plans to kick back and celebrate life.

“I’m really into flower gardening and caring for my two dogs, both Whippets,” she said.

Because she enjoys the environment in the Pioneer Valley, she “doesn’t travel much.”

But her home is an oasis of its own. She has an in-ground pool and enjoys summers at her home swimming and relaxing with her sister.

Ms. Zygmont said she loves her weekends, in particular.

“I love sleeping in a little late, “ she said, chuckling.

“[I also love] being able to relax, to spend time outdoors as much as possible, and also gardening, cooking, and in the summers, [soaking up] the weather by the pool. That’s an ideal weekend for me,” Ms. Zygmont added.

Her beliefs and philosophies center around being a “glass half full type of person.”

“I believe in optimism,” she said.

“I always want to believe that people are good, and that things will get better. There’s a lot of good in the world. There’s more good than bad in the world,” she said.