Limered: bubble tea, fruit smoothies, pocky, and macarons, oh my!

Students love to relax and study over bubble tea.Photo: Sophie Schreyer

When 2:30 p.m. rolls around on a Tuesday, the small yet cozy bubble tea café we all know and love, Limered, begins to fill with Amherst middle and high schoolers alike.

A long line of eager students begins to form quickly and reaches all the way to the entrance.

Tables fill rapidly with backpacks on seats to confirm a friend who is on their way.

The small establishment, once peaceful during the lunchtime hours, is now full of life and an excited buzz.

Various orders are shouted out by the three baristas. “Small Taro bliss smoothie, no ice cream?”

“Tall matcha with extra boba and lychee pop?”

Impatient teens smile with delight and quickly grab their drinks and puncture them with the larger than average straw while bolting out the door with their pack of friends.

Inside the busy café, senior Wyoming McGinn waits among the dense crowd for her regular order: small passionfruit with boba and strawberry pop.

When her turn comes, she doesn’t have to specify her drink.

“They already know it. Sometimes when I walk in they just make it,” McGinn said.

Once you become a regular customer, you start to form a relationship with the people who work there.

From milk teas and fruit smoothies to pocky and macarons, Limered’s menu has a wide variety of treats and drinks to buy.

According to Limered’s website, “Bubble tea was created in the ‘80s” and is made of “fresh brewed tea, sweetened with real brown sugar and accompanied by your choice of tapioca pearls, aloe, nata de coco and more.”

But they also serve espresso, desserts, and even fried chicken and dumplings!

Recently hours changed, so the cafe is open at 11 a.m. instead of noon, and Limered does business until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on the weekends.

These long hours give plenty of time for students of all grades or graduate levels to comfortably use their studying hours, lounging generously into the night.

Prices for drinks range from $4 to $6, depending on size. Some think the drinks are considered too expensive and some of them can be average or bland.

But for a cafe that uses all organic and natural products, it is completely worth it, once you find your perfect drink.

“We take pride in our product,” said Sophie Schweik, an ARHS senior who works there.

Limered strives for an eco-friendly experience, and sells metal boba straws for $10, to use as an alternative to reusing plastic ones.

When asked what sets the cafe apart from your average Starbucks or Dunkin, Schweik commented that there’s a lot of regular customers, so you get to know the people that work there. “I like to think it’s more personal,” she said.

“Now it’s like a community and people know my order,” said McGinn.

“My order varies a lot,” Schweik said. On an average Sunday, the senior not only works at the bubble tea establishment, she also consumes about eight drinks a shift.

You’ll typically find her sipping on a large blueberry fruit tea with a chamomile base, with 75% passion fruit sweetener with boba and aloe.

Limered isn’t the only place in town to get your boba fix anymore. Down the street, Vivi’s Bubble Tea opened its doors for the first time last month.

Some loyal Limeredders speak down on the new cafe.

“My loyalties are with Limered,” McGinn commented. “I’ve been going there since the beginning of high school. My friend got me into it. I hang out there multiple times a week.”

After the interview, McGinn was even heading out to Limered.

Other students have reported that the drinks at Vivi’s are equally overpriced but “are less worth it.”

What sets Limered apart from this new chain café (with 29 other locations) is that Limered is unique.

There are only two other locations, one in Northampton and one in Boston.

“The Amherst location was actually the first establishment,” said Schweik.

Amherst center may even welcome a new extension of Limered in the form of an alcoholic bubble tea shop.

Limered is a memorable place for its trendy approach and its simplistic interior design, consisting of plants, fairy lights, and rustic yet chic brick walls.

It is the perfect place for the Amherst student body to enjoy a yummy drink while studying or just hanging out with friends and having fun.