New secretaries ‘project a positive image’ and ‘answer all the questions’

Luis Algarin and Jammie Bruni, new faces in the main office.Photo: Max Radin

“The best way to describe my job in the main office is busy. There’s always people coming in and out, and lots of things to do,” said Jammie Bruni, one of the two new secretaries this year in the main office. “Being able to multitask is really important.”

The secretaries are the faces of the main office. Taking calls, admitting people to the building, and filling out paperwork are just a few of their many responsibilities.

For many years, Pat Keenan and Jane Fitzgerald filled this role. But after they retired last summer, Ms. Bruni and the other new secretary, Luis Algarin, were chosen as their successors.

To Algarin, the most important part of his new job is to always put on a welcoming face. “I have to project a positive image and energy so people know I’m there to help them,” said Mr. Algarin.

One of the things Mr. Algarin likes most about working at ARHS is how fast-paced and exciting it always is. “I never know what to expect,” said Mr. Algarin. “Every day is different.”

Before coming to ARHS, Mr. Algarin had already been part of the Amherst school system for a little while. “Last year, I was a paraprofessional at Wildwood,” he said. “And then before that, I was an auditor for a hotel, which was totally different.”

Ms. Bruni’s previous job was very different too. “I’ve worked many different jobs in many different fields, but my last job was at the UMass Memorial Medical Center,” she said. “The medical field is just so different than working at a school.”

At home, Ms. Bruni is a mother to three children, two dogs and one rabbit. “My family has had the biggest impact on my life,” she said. “We spend a lot of time together.”

In her free time, Ms. Bruni loves to go see live music and spend time in the outdoors. “I love going for runs in the morning,” shesaid. “My children also have four-wheelers, so we’ll drive out to the Quabbin with the dogs and use the trails out there.”

She also loves watching movies. “My two favorite movies are Clue and A Star Is Born—the Barbra Streisand version,” Ms. Bruni said. “I really want to see the new Lady Gaga version but I haven’t gotten to it yet.”

Many of Mr. Algarin’s interests center around music. “I like to sing, and I also love playing piano,” Mr. Algarinsaid. “I definitely can get lost in time playing the piano.”

Mr. Algarin’s ideal day would be all about his family. “I’d like to just sleep in, and then have a nice breakfast with my wife and our baby, Daisy,” Mr. Algarin said. “Then, I’d love to just play with Daisy, and go out for dinner and ice cream in the evening.”

Both Mr. Algarin and Ms. Bruni agree that they are happy at ARHS, and can see themselves working here for many years.

“My goal is just to master this job as much as I can,” Ms. Bruni said. “I want to be able to answer all of the questions, and know everything that’s going on.”