Lovers of science

Students at the National Science Olympiad Competition, in 2018.Photo:

After a one year hiatus, ARHS is returning to the Science Olympiad, a competition between students in a variety of different scientific fields. These competitions are held on state, regional, and national levels. Rudi Scherff, a chemistry teacher, is advising the program.

Students competing in the event are tasked with two different subjects, like chemistry or astronomy. Each subject has a different challenge, whether it be a test to study for or to create some sort of invention to solve a problem.

“For example there’s The Forensic Lab. They tell you ‘This crime was committed or this is the evidence you have’, and you try to solve the crime,” said Mr. Scherff. “Within the different science topics, there are different tests you can take or events you can go to.”

Anu Sitaraman, the president of the Science Olympiad team, said that the team hasn’t finished deciding on what events they will participate in this year but that “they have been finding success in the events they’re trying out.”

After students are assigned their subject, they use the resources they can access at the school to prepare.

Teachers in the building help as much as they can with their knowledge on the subjects, and local college students involved with the program also come to help.

“We have a few UMass students that are doing a ton of work for us,” said Mr. Scherff. “At the schools where they host the events, the college students will be making the tests or planning the events.”

The team schedule fluctuates. Mr. Scherff said that “it’s not a huge commitment; it’s relatively easy to juggle school and Science Olympiad.” Sitaraman said that best of all, “it’s fun.”