Primo Too, a pizza place that feels like home

Primo Too offers a variety of pizzas, calzones, subs, burgers, burritos, and more.Photo: Tate Rietkerk

To some, Primo Too Pizzeria may just be another place to get a slice in the town of Amherst. Neighboring the Amherst Market, at 255 Triangle Street in Amherst MA, Primo draws a large number of customers from ARHS.

The interior consists of many jungle green booths all along the wall creating a very open dining area, with a large table in the middle to create a homey vibe.

All the pizza is displayed along a narrow hallway where you can review and inspect each individual slice. An enormous menu is displayed behind all the pizza on the wall that separates the kitchen from the register.

I sat down with the manager and owner, Alfie, who greeted me warmly. From the second I walked in, he made me feel welcome. When asked where he was brought up, he proudly said, “Born and raised in El Salvador!”

Alfie has always been interested in the food industry. He moved to Amherst in his twenties in search of a better job.

Alfie began in the food industry working for the company that owned Primo, but when he saw the opportunity to run his own store, he jumped on it. Alfie was able to find his own way to make great pizzas.

“I’m self taught,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and pizzas were an easy transition.”

Primo always has a large selection of slices, from black bean avocado to my personal favorite, chicken bacon ranch.

They also offer calzones, subs, burgers, tacos, and burritos.

“Grinders and pizza are by far the most popular, but I think people enjoy all the food we have here,” Alfie said. Along with many sides and appetizers, the menu is very diverse and is clearly more than just merely a pizza place.

For construction workers, Primo is one of the primary lunch break locations in Amherst. They often come in large groups around noon.

“Antonio’s hits the spot, but parking is always tough and there’s never anywhere to sit and relax,” said one construction worker. “It’s just a much more convenient place when you want to enjoy a couple slices and relax.”

For Alfie, it’s all about the customers. “I love my coworkers, but most of all I love my customers. I always try to greet people as they walk in.”  Along with the setting, Alfie is a big part of the environment that is so welcoming to all. This may be the biggest reason Primo is so popular among Amherst residents.

I sat down with Victor Wellman, a senior at Amherst Regional High School. He was recently hired as a delivery driver at Primo.

When I asked why he wanted to work there, he responded with a smile, “It’s just the spot dude; it’s like home. Who wouldn’t want to work at home?”