Lockers old, sizes unfair

As the times have changed at the high school, various large building projects have taken place.

In 1993, an addition was made to the building.

As of recently, the gym is being renovated.

Lighting was also added to the soccer field.

However, with all these changes, the lockers remain the same.

Our school has lockers of various sizes and it just so happens that the seniors and juniors get the smallest ones in the entire building.

They are so small, in fact, that I can not even fit a bike helmet in my locker.

In terms of the school’s dedication to improving the climate, this does not match their standards.

Furthermore, fitting textbooks and binders can be a great challenge.

Each academic class usually has a textbook, so the average student probably has at least three or four.

Some people prefer to use binders for their classwork, adding more bulk to their backpack and a need for a spacious spot to keep them.

What about that sports bag and the athletic gear that some of us have to bring to school? Contact sports require at least a helmet and padding, way too much for our tiny lockers!

I think that the lockers should be replaced with new ones that are more up to date, can fit a student’s things comfortably, and thus remove one cause of stress from the school day.