LSSE rec b-ball gets people hyped

The LSSE basketball season came to a close on Sunday March 12 with the Integrity Hammers beating Dick’s Sporting Goods 59-48.

The Hammers were led by All-Star Game MVP Dante Citino and 3 point contest winner Jovan Rivera.

Citino and Rivera, combined, scored just under half their team’s points, finishing with 17 and 11 respectively.

The Hammers finished the regular season with a 6-1 record to clinch the number one seed in the playoffs.

They cruised past eighth-seeded Amherst Dental in the first round, then beat the Bueno Ballers in the semifinals to make it to the championship.

The team is made up of players “who have been playing with us since freshman year, or who are tall and talented,” said Citino.

The team has 10 players on their roster, nine of whom are seniors.

The lone junior on the team, Victor Wellman, scored 7 points in the championship.

The Hammers are coached by Citino’s father, Frank Citino. “He’s pretty laid back, he usually lets us do what we gotta do [in a game],” said Marcus Suom, a guard for the Hammers.

“But, if he sees something we need to improve, he calls a timeout and tells us how to fix it, so we can go out there and get things done,” continued Suom.

“He knows we’re seniors and we know what we’re doing,” Citino said of his father.

Despite the setbacks this year, the season was still a success for many.

“Considering all the messes we had it went pretty well,” said Marc Keenan, the chief organizer of the league. The ARHS basketball gym was unavailable this year due to water damage.

This forced Keenan to book gym times at Hampshire College and ARMS instead. Another hiccup was that LSSE lost several people from their front office, leaving them understaffed.

“The intern did a pretty good job,” said Mr. Keenan.

Mr. Keenan chalked the season up as another success. “I think it’s one of the better things we do in the high school,” Mr. Keenan said of the league. “I hope more people come out and play next year, because it’s a good time.”