Winter vacation dreams

The sun beamed down on the beach; it was one of the hottest days of summer. The water, on the other hand, was cold enough to be uncomfortable. However, with the heat of the day, it became refreshing and perfect, like drinking an ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day.

Who doesn’t love a perfect vacation experience or a beautiful summer day? I set out to interview students at ARHS about their ideal winter and summer travel plans.

Junior Ali Starkweather spent a part of her summer vacationing in Cape Cod. Her family has stayed at the same house for seven years. Every year, they also journey to Freeport, Maine.

Starkweather was there for a short time visiting with her mother’s side of the family and spending time with close friends whom she calls her “adopted family.”

Starkweather is a frequent traveler. She has been to Spain, France, Puerto Rico, and all around the U.S. “I really like Javea, Spain,” she said.

She and her family toured the countryside of Spain, as well as took a jaunt to Barcelona and Grazalema to see family friends who made bean soup for her and her family. “It was really good,” she said.

Starkweather’s father is a retired chef and in Javea, they visited food markets, which she called an “experience.” While in Javea, she noted that locals got up really early in the morning to go to market. “The market is not at all like a supermarket. You get to talk with people,” she said.

“At the market, sellers talk to their customers about all the food; it’s more personal,” she added, noting “there’s inspiration there.”

Starkweather said her dad Drew does all the planning for trips and has taught her things like rolling clothing for packing, rather than folding it, when going on a long vacation.

Freshman Eva Katsoulakis doesn’t travel during the school year, but travels often in the summer, usually in August for two to three weeks.

“I like to travel with my family,” she said. Katsoulakis has traveled all over Europe, including Portugal, England, and Greece.

Her favorite place so far has been the island of Skopelos, off of Greece. “I’d rather be there than in school,” she said. Katsoulakis said she loves “any place where the sun is always out.”

Island vacations are her “number one favorite type of climate.” As long as there’s a beach and it’s warm, she is there.