Lance Piantaggini, new Latin teacher

ARHS has welcomed several new teachers this year, including Lance Piantaggini, a D and E period Latin teacher.

Mr. Piantaggini, born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, attended UMass.

Once there, he began his study of the classics, focusing on the works of the Greeks and Romans.

He later attended Kent State University for his master’s degree in teaching.

In 2008, Mr. Piantaggini was a substitute teacher here at ARHS. Being a full time teacher is a big change.  “It’s very different to have my own room,” he said recently.

Mr. Piantaggini has taught at several different schools before coming to Amherst, though he commended ARHS on its individuality.

“I really like how other teachers approach education,” he said.  Mr. Piantaggini often felt previous schools had too many regulations about teaching that created an unproductive atmosphere.

He feels that ARHS has “more freedom for its teachers” and they are treated with respect and as professionals.

Though Piantaggini stated that he is still new to the ARHS culture, he revels in certain parts of his day.

For one, he is entranced by the many scents wafting towards his room from the Foods’ class.

“This is great,” he said.

He also said that seeing what French teacher Frank Vaissiere is wearing is one of the highlights of his day.

“I’m sure many people share [my excitement],” he said.

Mr. Piantaggini said he is “the Latin and music guy,” while holding a mug that translated from Latin into “If you can read this, thank your Latin teacher.”

While  not teaching, Mr. Piantaggini is a marching band designer and a drummer.

Mr. Piantaggini said he is a lover of music and considers it an “important aspect” of his life.

In the morning, Mr. Piantaggini journeys to a coffee shop to read. His reading list includes books written in Spanish, Latin, and French.

Though he is a new to this school in regards to having his own classes and room, he stated that he feels like he already knows his classes quite well, and he also looks forward to meeting the rest of the school body soon.