Banning students from track unreasonable

ARHS home soccer games used to see the track packed with fans and students.

This was forever changed after the events of an Amherst versus Holyoke girls’ soccer game in which ARHS fans were accused of shouting derogatory terms at Holyoke players.  Fans are now prohibited from watching any future game while standing on the track.

Principal Mark Jackson and athletic director Richard Ferro came up with this rule and they are now enforcing it by roping off the track during games.

This decision angered the majority of students who regularly attend soccer games. Many complaints have been heard by Mr. Jackson, Mr. Ferro, and campus monitor Marc Keenan.

I strongly agree with this majority, that banning students from the track during games is unreasonable to ARHS fans who want to support their teams.

We at ARHS pride ourselves in our ability to show support for our athletic teams.  When rules like the “track ban” are made, we lose this ability.

We as fans create excitement for our teams when we stand up close and near the action.

When we lose the track we lose this excitement and games are less fun for the players and the fans.

No longer can we cheer from the sidelines, or chant out words of encouragement to our players up close.  Now we are confined to watch the games from afar on the cold bleachers and the wet grass.

The phrase “pack the track” was created by ARHS students to encourage more fans to go to soccer games and support our team.

We used that phrase to intensify excitement for the team and the players.

This phrase is no longer relevant and as a result will decrease the interest in going to games for students.

Banning students from the track is a very unnecessary rule. ARHS fans are perfectly capable of restraining ourselves to the level required by Mr. Jackson.

With a little more control by staff, events like the alleged derogatory insults would never happen again and the track ban would not be needed.

It is my hope of the hope of every other ARHS soccer fan that the ban on the track will eventually be lifted, so that we can one day “pack the track” once again.