Students and staff take educational poll

In March, all ARHS students and their teachers took a survey created by the University of Chicago consortium of schools called “The 5essentials.” The questionnaire was designed to help schools improve their performance.

The 5essentials claims it can “reliably” measure a school’s ability to function well using the survey. They say analyzing responses leads to predicting a school’s successes and weaknesses, and the group can help suggest action plans.

The survey places a strong emphasis on the idea that schools function best when they have five elements: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, a supportive environment, and ambitious instruction.

Assistant Principal Miki Gromacki spoke of why our school became involved.

“It is a research-based survey tool that has been used widely, so results can be compared to large sample sizes of other schools. We also liked the comprehensive approach, that included teachers, families, and students,” said Ms. Gromacki.

The 5essentials survey was created at the University of Chicago after more than 20 years of research that proved that “schools that are well-organized, safe, and supportive are much more likely to be successful.”

Though students, staff, and families took the survey in March, “our school is still waiting for the results, which are expected in June,” said Ms. Gromacki.

In 2010, a book was also written about the findings from the survey called Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago by Anthony Bryk, Penny Sebring, Elaine Allensworth, Stuart Luppescu, and John Easton.