A harmonious fundraiser

On Saturday, April 2, ARHS hosted the annual Local Vocal Chord Bowl, an acapella contest featuring three high school, three college, and three adult groups.  The nine competitors gifted the audience with an eclectic mix of vocals and genres.

Each year, the objective of the event is to raise money for Northampton and Amherst Regional High School’s various arts programs.  On average, they raise $6,000 which is then split between the two schools.  Financial expectations were right on target this year, resulting in a $3,000 donation to ARHS.

This year, the community was lucky enough to see both the ARHS Hurricanes and Chorale Singers compete on stage.  “I had a lot of fun with it,” said Storme Benton, a member of the Chorale Singers.  “This was my first year participating, and overall, it was a good experience,” he said.

Benton admitted that his group was not as prepared as they would have liked.  “We practiced for three weeks,” said Diana Corley, a member of the Hurricane Singers.  “We were honestly doing it for the fun and the experience whereas many of the other groups compete year round and prepare much more.”

Nevertheless, both groups enjoyed singing famous songs by Shakira, Billy Joel, and others, all showcasing their talents.