Faculty Talent Show small but memorable

The  annual Faculty Talent show was held in the high school auditorium Friday April 8, with proceeds going to the graduating class of 2016.

Nathaniel Gabor was the emcee of the event. Gabor said he was disappointed that more people did not attend; only 36 people bought tickets.

Paraprofessional Atticus Brigham kicked off the show, playing a solo number on his guitar. Afterward, he was joined by paraprofessional Ahmed Gonzales for a duet.

Physical education and health teacher Elizabeth Haygood and student Julianna Bowen performed a liturgical dance.

Principal Mark Jackson’s  surprise performance raised a few eyebrows, with the principal delivering a lengthy monologue which included inviting 2016 class president Akshat Dhanker onstage to sing a song which Dhanker hadn’t prepared, intimidating judge Tosh Foerster, and threatening to burn a sophomore’s diploma. Mr. Jackson finished off his act with eight seconds of juggling.

The second act started off with science teachers Bill Blatner and Jim Fownes playing the blues, followed by substitute teacher Alex Lariwiere playing the bagpipes in traditional Scottish kilt and Converse sneakers.

School psychologist Marti Pomputius sang acapella, paraprofessional Stephen Bechtold performed a juggling act, and the show ended with a magic show by student teacher Joe Chung.

Joe Chung’s performance was good enough for first place in the show. His rendition of the classic cup and balls trick involved aluminum foil balls, red solo cups, and a potato.