Apple concedes to make backdoor for FBI

After months of debate, Apple has decided to work with the FBI to create a backdoor to enter into any iPhone. This request followed the shooting in San Bernardino where the accused shooter had a locked iPhone with potential evidence or links to higher-ups in the operation.

Apple has released a statement that the iPhone 7 will come equipped with a secret button. When the button is pressed, the phone will automatically unlock allowing law enforcement to see the contents.

The public expressed fear that anyone would be able to access their phones. Thirty four year old Cam Smart said, “If there’s a way for anyone to get past the passcode what is even the point of it.” Apple has assured them that “the button is secret. Nobody knows where it is and we are only going to tell the FBI so there is not threat of anyone except the FBI getting in.

The FBI also reassured the public. Speaking at a press conference a representative said, “Even if somebody could get into your phone, so can we, and we will protect you so there is really nothing to worry about.”

While this cannot help with the case of the San Bernardino shooter, Apple and the FBI feel content with the fact that this could never happen again.

“It’s nice to know that something positive came out of this mess,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, “Next time someone does something horrible like this we will be one button away from knowing why they did it, or at least maybe get some information unless they deleted it all, I mean as long as they have an iPhone and it is model 7 or later.”