PGO supermarket fund raises big dollars

The PGO (Parent Guardian Organization) at ARHS puts consistent effort into earning money for the high school. The organization, which operates yearly, works closely with Stop & Shop supermarkets to earn rewards for ARHS.

Anyone with a Stop & Shop card can sign up at the service desk; when they shop, the supermarket chain donates a percentage of what they have spent to the high school.

Once the PGO collects the funds, it encourages teachers and staff to apply for funds to pay for student activities or experiences of value.

Principal Mark Jackson said the organization is “a crucial part of our school.”

The PGO produces an average income of $16,000 – $17,000 each year for the school.

PGO officers Jen Veshia and Margot O’Connor have helped to lead the organization.  Their work in collaboration with Stop & Shop has led the high school to be named  “among the top earning New England schools for the past four or five years,” according to Mr.  Jackson.

In addition to supporting clubs and teachers, the group also funds new teaching materials.

The PGO team is projected to have another great year of earnings in 2016.