Modeling success at a Dartmouth conference

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    The members of Model UN pose for a group photo. Photo: Akshat Dhankher
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On the weekend of February 27, 16 ARHS students headed to Dartmouth in New Hampshire to participate in the Model United Nations Conference.

While Model United Nations is not really meant as a competition, delegates from ARHS received multiple awards in a great showing from our high school.

Model United Nations, or MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations in which students act as delegates from different countries.

Students from all different high schools work together to negotiate deals as if they were the delegates they are representing.

Each student delegate was part of a different group negotiating resolutions on anything from the economy to space.

Students must learn the issues they will be negotiating and be generally knowledgeable about their representing country.

“We did really well this year,” said Simran Multani, a senior at ARHS. Multani was one of the students who made the trip to Dartmouth.

Joe Konieczny and Patrick O’Connell won the Best Delegate award, the highest honor. Nine other students from ARHS won awards of different degrees.

As Konieczny said in a Facebook post, “We swept DartMUN!!”

The conference provides an interesting academic exercise debating ideas and ideals and learning about the issues of the world and the system in place to solve them.

It also provides a means to meet students from other regions who are interested in the same things.

Many pictures and posts popped up on Facebook referencing new friends and good times at DartMUN.

Not only did the ARHS contingent have an outstanding performance, but they also had a great time and stayed in a hotel near the campus.

“It was so much fun,” said Multani, “So many fun people.”