Jamie Staples hits 1,000 points mark

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    Jamie Staples celebrates her 1,000th career point with teammates. Photo: Mary Custard
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    Jamie Staples celebrates her 1,000 points with family. Photo: Mary Custard
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    Jamie Staples celebrates her 1,000 points with family. Photo: Mary Custard

Jamie Staples, a senior at Amherst Regional High School, has managed to score 1,000 points in all of her high school basketball career.

Staples is the first girl to reach this accomplishment since Alyssa Leonard in 2010.

“It was a really amazing feeling to show up for my school in this way, especially as a female athlete. Being able to be on the same banner as WNBA player Jamila Wideman is something I still can’t believe,” said Staples referring to the banner in the ARHS gym naming other girls who have also scored 1,000 points.

Wideman, who helped win the state basketball championship in the early 1990’s, went on to play for Stanford and to play for the Women’s National Basketball Association.

Initially, Staples believed she had fallen seven points short of 1,000 due to an unreported game from freshman year.

Staples had accepted that she did not reach the 1,000 points, until she was informed that she actually reached 1,004 points once this unreported game was added.

Staples said, “I knew going into my last game I needed 34 points, and at the end of the game, I was 7 points short. I was okay with that because we played a good game and it was a fun season!”

But then, the next day, she said,  “Athletic Director Rich Ferro emailed me about the unreported game, I really couldn’t believe it! It was such an amazing way to end the season.”

According to MassLive, in her senior year, Staples scored an average of 19 points per game. In her last three games she scored 90 points.

Amherst girls’ basketball had a record of 3-17 this year, and Staples still managed to reach this triumph.

“The best part of being on this basketball team, is the people you get to be with all the time, and to play a game that you love with them. It’s such a great game, and it was a great experience to take the leadership position on the team,” said Staples.

Next year Staples will attend and play basketball at Worcester Academy, a private school in Worcester, for a post-graduate year.

She plans to attend a four year college or university the year after to study law.