A bucket of excitement

Everyone has a bucket list, but more often than not, these wishes and wonders on paper get thrown down deep into a messy file cabinet, never to be seen again.

The pressures of society are like scissors that slice through the lists we have dreamed up. The life we settle for makes us forget about the life we want to live.

To those who say that they don’t have a bucket list, think again. A bucket list doesn’t have to be a hard copy. It can consist of places you want to see, experiences you want to have, and achievements you want to accomplish.

They are ideas stored in your head which would leave you feeling unfulfilled if you didn’t explore them. Sure, you may not die tomorrow, but what’s stopping you from living today?

Future accomplishments are usually an afterthought, scribbled at the bottom of the list in small and uninspired handwriting. Only one student mentioned anything about a future profession and even then, the words seemed to be forced out of his mouth. “I want to be a lawyer,” said ARHS junior Cole Elson.

But Elson spent more time talking about his desire to “watch his pee freeze before it hits the ground in Antarctica” than his future in the courtroom. Elson also talked about his aspiration to ride the fastest roller coaster in the world, which is located in Abu Dhabi and runs at an astonishing 149.1 miles per hour.

Goals among students were more about friendly competitions than future professions. “I want to beat Noah Zobel in Trivia Crack,” said ARHS junior Hunter Juras. Like Elson, Juras also wants to go on an adventure. “I want to go skydiving,” said Juras, whose list consisted of similar adventures filled with adrenaline and exhilaration. “I want experiences that many people cannot say they have done,” said Juras.

Traveling the world is often near the top of a person’s bucket list, followed by multiple screaming exclamation points. “I want to visit every continent in the world,” said Social Studies teacher Jennifer Coffin. “Traveling takes us out of the classroom and educates us about different regions around the world.”

“I want to see the world, man,” agreed ARHS junior Stephan McCudden. “I’m trying to go to Africa.” McCudden’s goals also traveled to the basketball court. “First and foremost, I have to get buckets, no question about it,” said McCudden. “Once you get buckets, the whole world opens up to you.”

“I want to get to Spain and Australia,” said senior Diamonique Seiha. Seiha also hopes to conquer her fear of heights, which has sidetracked her progress in crossing other bullet points on her list. “I want to ride the Bizarro Roller Coaster at Six Flags,” said Seiha.

Bucket lists are filled with personal desires and wishes. The list doesn’t consist of stressful jobs or work, but what truly defines your character.

However crazy your dream is, make it a reality. Look fondly back on your life. Say proudly that you ran through your goals without fear, instead of walking through the motions of life.

Get out and cross some lines off your list. Reap the benefit of self-fulfillment and memories that you will take with you to your deathbed.