Les Miserables: gorgeous

The Starlight’s Youth Theater has pulled it off once again. They brought Les Miserables to the Academy of Music and knocked it out of the park, earning multiple standing ovations during the Saturday night performance. The company’s graduating seniors carried the show, including ARHS students Brandon Dallman, in the role of Jean Valjean, and Shannon Lambert in the role of Madame Thenardier.

The sets were gorgeous and slightly whimsical. The barricade, constructed of chairs, tables, and other household objects, was especially eye catching. However, I did find the words projected on the backdrop of the setting a little bit distracting, and would have preferred that they be replaced by something along the lines of cue cards shown by a cast member or something more implicit.

If you are looking for a beautiful rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music, Les Mis in general is a good place to start with its loyalty to the well-known depictions of the songs in the show. The sets seemed to draw on other versions of the show, with the barricade in particular appearing quite similar in construction to the tenth anniversary revival of Les Mis. While this production of Les Mis may not go down in the history books, for those of us who saw it, it will not be forgotten.