Cricket Club: ‘a theatre improv game, with balls and sticks’

ARHS’s cricket team, founded by junior Louis Triggs is open to people of all athletic abilities.Photo:

In the Spring of last year, Cricket Club brought a sport rarely played in the U.S. to ARHS.

Started by Louis Triggs, the club now meets on Fridays, depending on the weather, and is open to anyone interested in learning about the game.

Cricket is a popular, beloved sport in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Southern Asia, and Southern Africa.

The game consists of two teams attempting to knock down each other’s wickets (three small wooden poles placed toward the middle of the cricket field) while trying to prevent the other team from doing to same.

Cricket is very special to Triggs.

“For me it’s a graceful game, a game founded upon laws that are fundamentally about having a good time and being gracious and respectful to each other,” he said.

The club plays for about two hours. Usually 15-20 people come, but anyone and everyone is welcome, said Triggs.

“People of all athletic abilities have a place in the Cricket Club,” he said.

One of the reasons he started the club was to simply offer people a way to have fun, whatever that means to them.

“I thought it was a good sport. It’s good fun [and] I thought it was something people would like to do. It’s casual and fun,” Triggs said.

Members enjoy the club environment because “it’s nice. You can play sports but no one cares if you can actually play sports [well],” said junior Fiona Warnick, who also described cricket as, “a theatre improv game, but with balls and sticks.”

Triggs thought that Cricket was the perfect sport for building friendships because it allows a variety of different levels of participation and activity.

“When friends get together, usually there isn’t much opportunity to hang out and also fully engross yourself in something,” said Triggs.

“When you give yourself cricket as a centerpiece, it allows friends to connect in a way that they often don’t get to,” he added.