Scholastic Awards given

Ava Blum Carr’s art depicts an American couple who have been Taliban hostages for years.Photo: Ava Blum Carr

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are the nation’s “longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7–12” and ARHS kids nabbed a number of them this year.

The competition is sponsored by The Boston Globe for artists and writers to showcase their work and possibly receive recognition at the national level.

“Unlike some schools, we don’t make work with the intention of entering it for an award,” art teacher and department head Jeff Stauder said.

However, after producing work in class, art teachers nominate the best pieces for entry.

Students can also submit the work themselves and request a teacher nomination.

English teachers don’t enter students’ writing pieces for them, but department head Sara Barber-Just said teachers encourage students to enter their work and then provide the required teacher nominations for those students.

Students who have entered their writing or art find out later if they have won state awards and some even proceed to the national competition and win medals there.

Ava Blum Carr won a state Gold Key award and a national medal this year.

Her work of art was “of an American couple who’ve been hostages of the Taliban for over four years now, and next to them are drawings of immigrant detention centers within the United States.”

“It is always exciting when students win an award. We are happy for the kids, and the top awards are exhibited in a Boston exhibition,” said Mr. Stauder of the 15 art  winners.

In art, the winners were Ava Blum Carr, Maya Durham, Julian Fischer Frank, Sophia Foulkes, Leija Helling, Maya Jabrallah, Ling Li, Amy-Mei Lynch, Neosha Narayanan, Angela Oldham Barca, Fiona Rogers, Nya Saunders, Maya Spaulding-Fecher, Catalina Yang, and Sasha Zeidenberg.

The writing winners were Sophia Fang, Janna Gilleman, Elizabeth Huang, Abigail Kleinman-Eddy, Won-Ho Lee, Carrie Wang, and Catalina Yang.