New gym floor a needed renovation project

Having already seen the girls’ volleyball team take the stage at ARMS for their home games, it seems that both boys’ and girls’ ARHS basketball teams will have a change in home location as well.

Dating back to the summer, the gym floor at ARHS withstood damage due to a bursted pipe, forcing not only Hurricane sports programs out of the gym, but gym classes as well.

When comparing the sports programs to the gym classes at ARHS, the gym classes see the gym more.

When asked how she felt about the whole floor situation, physical education teacher Elizabeth Haygood said, “I don’t dwell on things I can’t control. I just adapt.”

Nevertheless, Ms. Haygood stated that not being able to have full access to the gym since the start of the year has been really hard on her gym classes.

Some days going into class they already have to adjust where and what they will be doing for that period.

Since the accident, we’ve seen much improvement to the back gym, upgrading the floor as well as the baskets used for basketball.

Without being able to use the main gym, the only option has been the back gym, which is significantly smaller than the main gym.

When Ms. Haygood was asked if this affected her classes she said that it does. “It’s a smaller space using the back gym, and during E period there are two gym classes in here, so we just have to do the best we can with the space given.”

From the start of this year’s volleyball season, we’ve seen the girls’ team play their home games at ARMS, down the street from ARHS.

After having talked to Richard Ferro, Athletic Director, the volleyball team will be staying there for the remainder of the season.

Not only that, but for the upcoming winter season, we will most likely be seeing both Hurricane basketball teams at various locations, such as ARMS, UMass, and Amherst College.

Senior basketball player Meikkel Murray has kept a close eye on the situation since first reading about it over the summer and was disappointed with the timing.

“It feels terrible knowing that I won’t be playing my last year here,” said Murray.

As far as the gym goes, we certainly see a bright future.  Mr. Ferro talked about how the whole makeup of the gym will change.

Renovations should be started in December of 2016 and are estimated to finish in late February of 2017.

“At the end of it we’re going to have new bleachers and a new floor,”  Mr. Ferro said.  “Dramatic change in appearance.”

With that and the new scoreboards from last year, the ARHS gym will have a brand new look.