Ashleigh Daher thrilled to be home

ARHS newcomer Ashleigh Daher, a teacher of English Language Learners, is struck by the passion and drive of the students and staff in this school.

Ms. Daher graduated from ARHS 15 years ago.

Her favorite part of the school then was the passion of the students and their commitment to make a change in the community around them.

Fifteen years later, Ms. Daher still sees the same passion and drive.

“There is a lot of talent in the school, both students and teachers,” she said.

Originally from Amherst, Ms. Daher attended college in Minneapolis.   Shortly after graduating she volunteered at a Somali immigrant center.

There, she taught immigrants basic learning skills, such as how to hold pencils and how to use and decode the alphabet.

It was at this center that Ms. Daher realized her love for teaching and decided to become an ELL teacher.

She embarked on a journey to teach, spending time in places as far away as Indonesia. She finally settled down in New York City where she taught for two years before coming to Amherst.

Ms. Daher is an outdoorsy individual who enjoys walking, running,  and seeing beautiful scenery.  She often goes on long walks with her two year old son, to try to ingrain a love of adventure in him.

She works in the ELL department and speaks Urdu as well as Spanish and French.

Ms. Daher says the best part of teaching is learning from her students.  “I have certainly learned as much from my students as they have learned from me,” she said.

Ms. Daher was excited to come back to Amherst and can’t wait to see what the rest of her year at ARHS will be like.