Team Sports: a fun break

Mat ball Mondays, Football Fridays, basketball, team handball, and floor hockey are just some of the reasons why ARHS’s Team Sports class is constantly full every trimester.

This elective class is taught by Elizabeth Haygood and Kenneth Jacque. It offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional team sports such as basketball, arena football, soccer, ultimate, mat ball, handball, hockey, and other recreational games.

Activities presented vary according to the time of year.

Students learn basic athletic skills and strategies of critical thinking, according to the course description.

In tenth grade, ARHS students are required to take physical education, but afterwards, many students don’t take another P.E. class. Those who love sports, however, eagerly select Team Sports. It’s so special because everyone wants to be there, and therefore, participants say it makes the class more fun.

This class is full every trimester because the demand for organized sports during school is so great.

The 2016 spring trimester Team Sports class has 24 boys and one girl. That one girl is junior Megan Rice.

Rice signed up for Team Sports because she “likes to be active and loves to play sports.” She plays softball and volleyball, and used to play basketball.

Her favorite sport to play in Team Sports is floor hockey for no other reason other than she’s “good at it.”

Other members of that class are juniors Jovan Rivera and Marcus Suom.

Rivera likes to play basketball and handball the most, but likes the class overall because of its competitiveness and talented participants. “Everyone plays hard because everyone signed up for the class, and wants to be there,” said Rivera.

“I like that the class is during E period so I can ball out and get as sweaty as I want, but I don’t have to go back to class,” said Suom. Suom likes to play basketball, although he only plays H-O-R-S-E with his friends instead of pick-up games.

Suom also likes football on Fridays; because he plays football for the high school, he can apply his “football knowledge” to the class.

Stephen McCudden signed up for the class because of his love for “hustle and giving 100% whenever possible.”

McCudden plays basketball, baseball, and golf. His favorite Team Sports game is mat ball because he loves to kick. “I love to kick. Kicking gives me purpose,” said McCudden.

Those who love sports of any kind and need a break during the day from schoolwork, will enjoy Team Sports.

Students emphasized that the teachers also take student opinion into consideration so they rarely get stuck playing a game they don’t like for days in a row.