Star Wars a winning film

The Force Awakens came out in December, and the reviews  around ARHS were positive overall.

Student Adi Shmerling loved the film. He said that the main character, Rey, was “great” and that co-star Finn was “hilarious” and “serious at times, too.”

Shmerling added, “I think he was the relatable person in the movie.”

He also said that Harrison Ford impressed and “wasn’t just a cash-in or random cameo.”

Another student, Merrick Stromgren, loved the “interaction between all the characters.”

Special Education Teacher Kathleen Olson appreciated the “strong female hero” of Rey and loved the humor.

Stromgren also appreciated the diversity of the cast, saying “I think it’ll keep going.  I think it works in the movie’s favor, to have a more diverse cast.”

Shmerling added,  “A lot of times when movies do that, they end up just doing it as selling point.  In this movie, they did it really well.”

One criticism was how similar the plot is to A New Hope.

“That was kind of disappointing, but fans of the original show appreciated it and it helped them get back into it,” said Shmerling.  “It wasn’t like the prequels which were awful.   I’m glad they did it because they were setting the stage for what they’re capable of.”

Fans found a lot to love about the movie.  Regarding the special effects, Stromgren thought “The mix of practical [effects] and CGI were really good.”

Shmerling said,  When Kylo Ren’s identity was revealed, all my friends went dead quiet, like ‘Oh my god, that was such a crazy reveal.’