ARHS pack heads to Cinemark for Star Wars mania

The brand new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released on December 18, 2015, has caused fans across the nation to go wild. ARHS students were among the crazed.

Jack Farnham was pumped for the event and went with Olivier Ndikumana, Nina Choquette, Merissa Stromgren, Elliot Weld, and Gianna Marie to see the movie on Saturday December 20, 2015.

“It was super packed,” said Choquette.  “There were many toddlers dressed up as their favorite Star Wars characters,” she added.

The group got popcorn, candy, and soda before standing in line for approximately 50 minutes before entering the theater.  “There were so many people that we did not all get a chance to sit together,” said Stromgren.

Once in their separate seats, the group intently stared at the movie screen, eagerly waiting for the film to start.

The crowd watched the movie on the edge of their seats, highly captivated by the nonstop action.  “It was a killer movie,” said Choquette.

“There was the guy called Kylo Ren, who is really Han Solo and Leia’s son, and he trained with Luke at his new Jedi School,” said Stromgren.

“But, this guy named Snoak seduces him to the dark side, so Kylo Ren builds this huge thing that’s kind of like a deathstar that blows up planets,” she said.  “Then this girl named Rey, who is super strong with the force, goes to find Luke to help him fight off Kylo Ren.”

When the movie finished, the crowd responded very positively.  “They stood up and clapped a lot, and so did we,” said Choquette.  The entire crowd was blown away by the film.

The new movie brought in some aspects to it that were not seen in previous Star Wars films, however.  The main characters were a white female and black male.

“I really liked how Star Wars added some diversity into the plot,” said Farnham.   “I always thought that Star Wars was a movie series that broke diversity barriers and portrayed strong women.”

However, not everyone felt the same way.  “It was not diverse at all,” said Stromgren.

“They thought that since they had one black guy that they could make everyone else white.”

Star Wars has impacted the young minds of these teens tremendously over the years.  “I sometimes find myself saying quotes from the movie for no reason at all,” said Choquette.

“I have been a huge fan of Star Wars and I know every little detail about it, because I watched the movies over and over again,” said Stromgren.

As for Farnham, however, Star Wars has done more than just provide him with entertainment.

“It has taught me life lessons like believing in yourself and always doing what is right for the greater good,” he said.

“Plus, they’re sweet movies,” he added.